September 17 - 18, 2022


Welcome to MAL Bunkasai—an online festival based on Japanese high school cultural festivals!

In anime, planning and hosting various fun activities for the cultural festival brings everyone together. Likewise, MAL Bunkasai aims to showcase the interests and talents of our community, while creating new memories and friendships.


Get involved

We will be hosting multiple contests in August to create a MAL community showcase for the main festival.

Join the MAL Bunkasai club to get updates on these contests, participate in the student council, or register to host your own activity!


Virtual Reality (VR) Venue

Experience the excitement of a cultural festival in this recreation of a Japanese high school ✨

MAL Bunkasai will include a special VR venue which can be used to join—and host—various activities. All you need is a desktop computer with VRChat to participate (a VR headset is optional).

Interested in hosting an event? Drop us a message with your event idea in the [ MAL Bunkasai club ] and we'll include it in our activities schedule.

Only have a mobile device? Don't worry, there will be other activities, too!


We want to showcase the amazing creativity of our community and create a long-lasting memory of our first MAL Bunkasai with the following official events.

Aboutme Template Design Contest

About Me Template Design

Give the About Me section a makeover and submit a new template for MAL profiles. You can change colors or shapes on the existing layout to make a new theme, or design a brand-new layout from scratch. All skill levels welcome!

List Design Themes Contest

List Design Themes

The default List Design themes have been around for 5+ years and are rather limited in options. Help us give them a fresh coat of paint by changing various colors and elements to create a new theme. CSS mastery is welcome but not required!

MAL Bunkasai Emoji Set Contest

MAL Bunkasai Emoji Set

To commemorate MAL Bunkasai, we want to make a set of custom emoji created with everyone's combined effort. Send us one or more emoji and we'll collect 16 different expressions to be used in clubs in the app!

This About Me is Amazing Set Contest

This About Me is Amazing

Nominate the most creative profiles you’ve seen making use of the new Modern About Me layouts. We'll create a showcase of the best profiles and will display them for the MAL Bunkasai in September!

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Open: August 17th


Event title MAL Bunkasai ~Our School Festival~
Event dates September 17 - 18, 2022
Organized by MyAnimeList


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