This About Me is Amazing! Showcase


This About Me is Amazing! Showcase

This About Me is Amazing! Showcase

Published: Sep 12, 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

  • created by Yahiko_OM
    I like myself.That's all. Nominated by Yahiko_OM

  • created by Lilly99
    simple & sweet Nominated by zenviolet

  • created by Borealic
    cool music & game forward Nominated by zenviolet

  • created by tincans
    You can see the start of an anime journey here! Nominated by zenviolet

  • created by Ice-Cube
    Nominated by Ice-cube

  • created by mrwsly
    Nominated by mrwsly

  • created by Lyyz
    its simple but cute Nominated by lyyz

  • created by Azukilito
    Nominated by Azukilito

  • created by Pee_Bee
    Nominated by Pee_Bee

  • created by zenviolet
    I chose him, because of his involvement in the last activities of MAL. Also, the About Me section is full of animes that make you want to watch them. It is also possible to be a person with a lot of humor. You never know! ;) Nominated by xXFlaneXxPro

  • created by _cybersadist_
    I like the pictures that they put up in the beginning and it looks cool Nominated by Lientje_14

  • created by Calabre006
    I've submitted my own profile because I like what I've done with the ranking options. The circle ranking doesn't link to anything and is instead used as a buffer between the anime I've watched and what I've got personally listed. The horizontal rectangle lists my interest stacks and the vertical rectangle lists my favorite mechas. Nominated by Calabre006

  • created by beepern
    A really creative design that demonstrates some great out-of-the-box thinking! Nominated by firefractal

  • created by kyfaxkun
    Really liked what the user did at the bottom! Nominated by tingy

  • created by xtsukimi
    Cool how the video thumbnails let's you know that those are videos :D Nominated by tingy

  • created by Startlefish
    Loving the (startle) fish theme! Nominated by tingy