List Design Contest Winners


List Design Contest Winners

List Design Contest Winners

Published: Sep 27, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

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Thank you for all your wonderful submissions and votes. We are very happy to announce the following winning designs, chosen by the MAL community!

New Templates

These brand new list layouts were the top three most-voted designs in the contest! These winners will receive an official MAL T–shirt of their choice and one year of MAL Supporter.

  • Dungeons & Dragons

    Dungeons & Dragons

    created by Half_Bl00d

    Layout based on the Monster Manual and Character Sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Grid-type list with large images, that can fit all data (columns) and adapts based on which columns are turned on. The grid itself as well as the other elements adapt based on the screen resolution, so it's usable both on smaller and larger screens. Adapted for manga list as well.

  • Blackout


    created by Valerio_Lyndon

    A dark and futuristic take on the regular anime list, with a completely redesigned page layout. The list itself is highly dynamic and should adjust to any configuration. This theme works great with vertical cover images, perfect for displaying posters or characters!

  • Night Shift

    Night Shift

    created by Cateinya

New Themes

These designs give a fresh coat of paint to the base Modern layout. After seeing so many great ideas, we felt three extra winners should be selected. The top theme designers as chosen by voters will also receive one year of MAL Supporter.

  • Cherry Blossom

    Cherry Blossom

    created by sriraqa

    A pastel design that uses colors inspired by Japan's cherry blossom trees.

  • Minimal Japan

    Minimal Japan

    created by yamasaki-kun

    minimal theme with an aesthetically pleasing color palette

  • Japanese Ramen Restaurant under the tree

    Japanese Ramen Restaurant under the tree

    created by Rawby

Did your favorite design win? The winning designs are currently being implemented officially and will be available soon, so please look forward to being able to use them for your own anime and manga lists!

Check out the short-listed designs here.