Emoji Design Contest Winners


Emoji Design Contest Winners

Emoji Design Contest Winners

Published: Sep 27, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022

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Thank you to everyone who submitted for all your wonderful designs! With so many fantastic emoji to choose from, it was a very difficult decision. When selecting winning designs, judges aimed to include a variety of expressions and poses, while keeping some continuity between different artist's depictions of the same character. Check out the final pack of 16 emoji below!

  • MALfoxPout


    created by CoolCoolJack

    Feeling a bit grumpy that your waifu didn't win the best girl award? Well do I have the emoji that'll convey your emotion! Huh? It's just okay? Well I um...well I didn't ask for your opinion! Hmph!

  • MALfoxOops


    created by CoolCoolJack

    Sadly, not all of us are perfect, most of us make mistakes all the time! You misread a friend's message. Maybe you were talking about the wrong show. Used your instead of you're. So for those imperfect moments use this emoji! Oops!

  • MALfoxCrying


    created by CoolCoolJack

    Did you get hurt? Someone say something a bit too cruel? Maybe your favourite series came to an end? Whatever the case this crying emoji has got you covered!

  • MALfoxCelebrate


    created by CoolCoolJack

    Congratulations! A fun little emoji to throw some confetti your friends ways to celebrate...well to celebrate just about anything! Just don't forget to clean up after yourself.

  • MALfoxSleepy


    created by CoolCoolJack

    It's getting late and your eyes are getting droopy. It might be a good idea to head to bed, just as much as it's a good idea to use this emoji to tell your friends how tired you are! Goodnight world!

  • MALfoxHeh


    created by CoolCoolJack

    One of the most anime things I could think of! The classic move of pushing up your glasses with a smug attitude. Show off how much of a superior nerd you are by using this emoji!

  • ShockedFox


    created by RenxKentaro

  • MangaReadingFox


    created by RenxKentaro

  • FoxWatchingAnime


    created by RenxKentaro

  • MALshibacry


    created by Foorna

  • MALshibawave


    created by Foorna

  • MalFoxSunglasses


    created by Mikaki-San

  • MalFoxLove


    created by Mikaki-San

  • ShibaFrustrated


    created by ZeroNeverland

    Oh no, Shiba! What's wrong? Do you feel sick?

  • ShibaDevil


    created by ZeroNeverland

    If you don't believe in the holy angel shiba, how about the devil? Worship the devil!

  • AngryShiba


    created by OrbitalForce

    Most streams I watch and discord servers I join tend to have heated arguments or sarcastic jokes using angry images. I feel this this would be a great emote for Twitch streaming supporters, or for everyone to use on Discord.

The winning emoji will be put together into a commemorative MAL Bunkasai emoji pack to be used within clubs on MAL. Some may also be added to our official Discord server~

While more suitable for stickers than emoji, we've also decided to pick up the following designs for future use. Perhaps for a new list design? Discord stickers? We're not sure yet, but let us know if you think of something! They were too reminiscent of MAL to not select them.

  • WatchShibe


    created by LRConkdor

    I tried giving the shiba inu emotes based on the MAL list's progress statuses. This one correlates to 'Currently Watching.'

  • DoneShibe


    created by LRConkdor

    The incarnation of the "Completed" status. Based on these Japanese ? stamps.

  • HoldShibe


    created by LRConkdor

    The shiba ducking out for a second. Based on the "On-Hold" status.

  • DropShibe


    created by LRConkdor

    The shiba abandons its post. The equivalent of the "Dropped" status.

  • WaitShibe


    created by LRConkdor

    An impatient shibe. Relevant to the 'Plan to Watch' status.

Check out all the short-listed designs here.