The VR Venue is now open!


The VR Venue is now open!

The VR Venue is now open!

Published: Jun 16, 2022

Updated: Sep 5, 2022


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Event NameLocationOpens (PDT)Closes (PDT)
Anime JeopardyDiscord, VRChat9/179/18
JAPAN PARTYVRChat9/17, 3:30 AM9/17, 6:30 AM
Anime MindreaderDiscord, VRChat9/17, 2:30 PM9/17, 3:30 PM
Anime Um actuallyDiscord, VRChat9/17, 4:00 PM9/17, 5:00 PM
Fall 2022 PV Watch PartyDiscord, VRChat9/17, 5:30 PM9/17, 7:30 PM
Wanna be a VTuber?VRChat9/18, 2:00 PM9/18, 3:00 PM
Weeb TabooVRChat9/18, 2:30 PM9/18, 3:30 PM
Explore Bunkasai With MeVRChat9/18, 3:00 PM9/18, 5:00 PM
Anime PictionaryDiscord, VRChat9/18, 4:00 PM9/18, 5:00 PM

For more information, visit here

Dive into MAL's VR worlds!

The VR Venue is now open!

Bunkasai weekend will be packed with a variety of fun events ♪

*VRChat account required.



A room based on a real high school clubroom, where all bunkasai preparations would be made. Where the magic happens!



A school hallway all dressed up for the school festival! Take fun Instagram-style photos with your friends, pop some party poppers and enjoy other fun hidden surprises.



A lively school gym with takoyaki and cotton candy stands. Try making yourself some VR sushi, or pose for some pictures in the photo spots!

VR Venue Event Information

The VR portion of the event will be held on VRChat and will be composed of 3 worlds: a club room, a hallway, and a gym. Worlds in VRChat can be entered using a Windows PC with the required specifications.

Event DateSat. Sep 17 & Sun. Sep 18, 2022
System RequirementsWindows (Desktop only)
See VRChat official site and refer to Steam, Viveport and so on.
Service not guaranteed for Quest-only users.
World LimitationsThere is a maximum limit on the number of people who can enter one instance:

・Clubroom: 10~15 members per instance
・Hallway: 25~30 members per instance
・Gym: 45~50 members per instance

There are no limitations on the number of instances which can be made, or who can create them.
VRChat allows both public and private instances to be created. (Worlds’ instance creation will follow VRChat’s rule.)

For MAL members without these system requirements, please remember the VR venue is only one portion of the Bunkasai event!

VR Venue map







Start planning your own VR event!

Potential items which may be available to help you host your event include:

iwaSync3 Media Player

  • YouTube player (including YouTube Live and Twitch etc)
  • Located in the Clubroom and Gym (on stage)


  • Your voice will be heard everywhere in the instance
  • Located in the Gym (on stage)

With these items, we thought it might be possible for members to host events such as:

  • Anime trivia
  • Anisong DJ
  • Karaoke
  • Live drawing
  • Music band show
  • Anime scene reenactments
  • etc.

However, we are still considering the detailed conditions and how far we can go technically.

Please let us know what kind of festival activity you might be interested in hosting and which items you would need to use to host this event.

Any and all feedback from experienced VR players is welcome!

Closer to the festival date, we will be creating a list of activities and descriptions to help you promote your event.

Submission deadline: July 15th at 23:59 (PDT).

Submit your ideas

Let's decorate the VR Bunkasai world together

We're calling for both 2D and 3D designs to decorate the VR venue. Selected works will appear inside the bunkasai world during the event.

Help us create your MAL Bunkasai!

Clubroom Items: 2D posters and 3D objects

The club room where you can gather and talk with friends.

We'd like to see your designs for a MAL Bunkasai poster on the club room wall and a compact 3D object on the desk or shelves.

One of each item will be chosen and placed inside the VR club room. All works will be displayed on the main event page.

1A. 2D MAL Bunkasai poster

2D MAL Bunkasai poster
  • No. of colors used: 3 max.
  • Image size: max. of 2048 x 2048 px
  • File type: png or jpeg

1B. 3D objects

3D objects
  • No. of polygons: 5000 max. (+ conditions that we can modify to fit in the world)
  • No. of materials: 1
  • No. of textures: 1
  • File type: fbx
  • Use of special shader: no

Submission deadline: July 15th at 23:59 (PDT).

Submit your creation

Hallway Item: Anime Character Illustrations

The hallway is full of Bunkasai-ish atmosphere~.

We want simple line drawings of your favorite anime characters in colorful pen! You can draw digitally or using a paper and pen.

Approx. 20 items will be chosen and be combined into one illustration wall in the VR hallway. All works will be displayed on the main event page.

2. Anime Illustrations

Anime Illustrations
  • No. of colors used: 3 max.
  • White background required
  • Image size: max. of 2048 x 2048 px
  • File type: png or jpeg
  • Please use a thick line (thin lines cannot be accepted)
  • If you use pen and paper, please scan or take a photo with good lighting.

Submission deadline: July 15th at 23:59 (PDT).

Submit your creation

Gym Items: Photo Spot and Cotton Candy Bag

The gym is lively and full of things to do ♪

Help us create a fun photo spot where you can take photos with your VR avatar and the image shown on a bag of cotton candy.

One of each item will be chosen and placed inside the VR gym. All works will be displayed on the main event page.

3A. Photo spot

Photo spot
  • No. of colors used: 3 max.
  • Image size: max. of 2048 x 2048 px
  • File type: png or jpeg

3B. Cotton candy bag

Cotton candy bag
  • No. of colors used: 3 max.
  • Image size: max. of 2048 x 2048 px
  • File type: png or jpeg

Submission deadline: July 15th at 23:59 (PDT).

Submit your creation

Please note:

In the VR space, the chosen images may not exactly match the colors and line-width of submitted illustrations. Every effort will be made to display your work in the best possible way in the current VR space.

You can help us render your image accurately by keeping the following points in mind:

  • Use thicker lines rather than thin lines.
  • Choose simple colors and avoid delicate shades, gradients or complex tones as they may not be displayed nicely in the VR space.
  • Intricate, high-quality illustrations with high pixel counts and a fine touch may be difficult to install due to capacity issues.
  • We will check the data we receive and may contact you if any issues arise.

We're looking forward to seeing your amazing designs!

What is MAL Bunkasai?

MAL Bunkasai is an online festival inspired by Japanese highschool culture festivals (bunkasai). The event will be held on September 17-18, 2022.

You've seen characters preparing for school bunkasai with their classmates in anime, right? In Japan, culture festivals are created and hosted entirely by the students, and this will be no different. MAL Bunkasai will be focused on showcasing our members' interests and talents, and creating new friendships between members—just like a real festival in anime!

For one portion of this event, we are preparing a virtual reality (VR) world for members to host activities like a real-life culture festival. However, we also want this world's look and feel to be created with your involvement.

We're calling for both 2D and 3D designs to decorate the VR venue before July 15th. Selected works will appear inside the bunkasai world during the event.

Help us create your MAL Bunkasai!

Please note: This page is an early call for VR portion of MAL Bunkasai. Other activities will also be hosted on the website. More information will be provided on the main event page later.

Submission Event Rules




MAL Bunkasai (“event”) is sponsored by MyAnimeList Co., Ltd. (“MyAnimeList”, “Sponsor”, “we”, “us” or “our”). The event is void in whole or in part where prohibited by law. In the event of changes to the event, we will announce them on the event page and Twitter.


This event is open to individuals who are 16 years of age or older at time of entry. Individuals who are minors in their jurisdiction must have their parent’s or legal guardian’s consent before entering the contest. Further, children under age 16 in Europe or under age 13 in the United States and other countries may participate, but only with verifiable parental consent. We shall have the right at any time to require proof of age, parental consent, identity and/or eligibility to participate in this event. Failure to provide such proof or insufficient proof may result in disqualification from the event in our sole discretion. All information requested by and supplied to us for the purpose of the contest must be truthful, complete, accurate and in no way misleading. We reserve the right, in our sole discretion, to disqualify any entrant from the event should such an entrant at any stage supply unsatisfactory, untruthful, incomplete, inaccurate or misleading information.

※Professional and amateur artists welcome.

※By applying to participate in this event, you (“Applicant”, “you” or “your”) agree to these Event Rules, including all Terms of Application outlined below and any other instructions or terms and conditions we post in connection with the event.

Terms of Application

Please read and confirm all the terms below to confirm that your work meets all criteria before submitting.

<Event period and submissions>

□Works must be submitted between 18:00 PDT on June 15 and 23:59 PDT July 15, 2022 in order to be eligible.

□There is no limit to the number of works an Applicant may submit.

□ Applicants must own the copyright of the work they submit. If someone other than the author (copyright holder) submits the work, the Applicant must obtain permission from the copyright holder.

□The Sponsor reserves the right to decide at its discretion whether or not to publish the submitted work and, if published, the period of publication, the format and the placement of the work. Submissions that fall into any of the following categories will not be published:

  • Works of which the Applicant does not hold ownership.
  • Works that are suspected to plagiarize works for which the Applicant does not hold ownership.
  • Works which contain personal information (such as names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc).
  • Works which do not match the theme of the event.
  • Works of a political or religious nature.
  • Works which violate laws or are considered offensive.
  • Any material that infringes on the intellectual property rights, portrait rights, rights of privacy, rights of publicity, honor, social credibility, or other rights or interests of other applicants, the Sponsor, or any third party.
  • Any material that is defamatory, fraudulent, threatening, or harassing to other applicants, the Sponsor, or other third parties.
  • Works which are of a discriminatory nature.
  • Any other content that the Sponsor deems inappropriate for the operation of this event.

□ Should a third party claim infringement of copyright, infringement or violation of other rights, entitlement to compensation or damages, or assert other claims arising out of or in connection with any of your submissions, the Sponsor shall not bear any responsibility for such third party claims and you shall be responsible for resolving said claim. You agree to defend, indemnify and hold harmless the Sponsor from and against all such third party claims.

<Regarding applications>

□ Application to this event must be made by following our instructions and providing the necessary information and submitting your entry via the web page designated by the Sponsor.

□ The Sponsor may contact the Applicant directly regarding his/her application.

□ All costs associated with the event application process are your responsibility.

□ The Sponsor will not be held responsible for any accidents, damage to or loss of data during the transmission of submissions. The submitted work will not be returned to the applicant. It is the responsibility of the Applicant to back up the submitted work.

□ If it is found that the Applicant is a member of antisocial forces, or that the Applicant promotes the activities of antisocial forces, the submitted work will not be published or will be withdrawn.

<Regarding copyrights>

□ We do not take ownership of your submitted work and the copyright in your work will not be transferred to the Sponsor as a result of the submission. However, by submitting your work to us for the event, you agree that the Sponsor may use, reproduce, publicly transmit, display, distribute, and/or adapt the submitted work for the following purposes without compensation to you or any third party, without limitation as to region, period, or mode of use:

  • For the operation of this event.
  • To be posted or streamed on or to websites and social media related to this event.
  • For the purposes of advertising and public relations of the Sponsor, Sponsor’s affiliates in the same corporate group and affiliated events.
  • For other reasons incidental to or related to those expressed above.

By submitting a work as part of the event, you expressly grant, and you represent and warrant that you have a right to grant, to the Sponsor a non-exclusive, worldwide, sublicensable, transferable, royalty-free, perpetual, irrevocable, license to use, reproduce, publicly transmit, display, distribute and adapt the work as described above.

□The Sponsor may, at its discretion, alter, modify, remove, or otherwise process the submitted work so long as the content is not significantly damaged.

□The Applicant shall not exercise any moral rights, including moral rights of performers, with respect to the use or processing of the submission by the Sponsor.

<Prohibited actions>

□Applicants are prohibited from performing any of the following acts:

  • Violation of laws and regulations or these application guidelines.
  • Sending false information.
  • Sending or posting computer viruses, other harmful computer programs, e-mails, etc.
  • Unauthorized access to the Sponsor's website or other computers related to the event.

<Regarding handling of personal information>

In addition to the provisions of the Sponsor's Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy, the Sponsor will handle the personal information of Applicants obtained upon application in accordance with the following:

□Information we collect

Name; Email address

□Reasons for use of Personal Information

  • To contact the Applicant in connection with his or her submission.
  • To perform statistical analysis to help us improve events held by the Sponsor.
  • To provide information regarding the sale of merchandise (please contact us should you wish to opt out of these types of communications) and to ship merchandise.

□Disclosure to third parties

The Sponsor will not share your information with any third parties except as permitted by our Privacy Policy.


The Sponsor may outsource personal information in order to achieve the above purposes of use. However, we will not allow the use of personal information beyond the scope of the purpose.


By applying or entering this event, you release the Sponsor and its employees, officers, directors, managers and agents from any liability whatsoever, and waive any and all causes of action, related to any claims, costs, injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising out of or in connection with this event or the transmission, failed transmission or acceptance of any prize, whether under a theory of contract, tort (including negligence), warranty or any other theory.


□Applicants may not transfer or assign their rights and obligations related to this application to any third party.

□The Sponsor reserves the right to change the contents of this event or to cancel, modify, suspend or terminate this event at any time in its own discretion.

□This event and its Terms of Application shall be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of Japan, and in the event of the necessity of litigation, the Tokyo District Court shall be the exclusive court of first instance.

□ Contact Information

Please direct any questions or comments regarding the event to MyAnimeList at