A Celebration of Japanese Pop Culture

February 17 - 25, 2022

See you again in summer for MAL Summer Expo 2022!

Shiba inu
Shiba inu

Welcome to MAL’s first online expo!

MAL×Japan aims to bring you interesting content and fun events straight from Japan. Building on previous MAL×Japan events, MAL Expo Lite 2022 is a week-long celebration of Japan's anime pop culture, with all kinds of experiences for everyone to enjoy.

Don't miss out on our fantastic line-up of events and goodies, and be sure to stick around for the exclusive livestream on the final day!


MAL Yearbook 2021

MAL Yearbook 2021

Make your voice heard with MAL's first ever Yearbook project. Vote for the anime, songs, and characters you think deserve the crown!

Production IG × WIT STIDIO

MAL Anime Academy

Want to know more about how anime is made? This special panel will be inviting top names from the industry to teach us! Don't miss your chance to also take part in a Q&A panel and get your hands on some incredible items exclusive to MAL Expo Lite 2022.

Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL

“Sword Art Online -EX-CHRONICLE- Online Edition” Global Version

Delivering special VR experiences, special content and exclusive merch! Experience the legendary SAO Ex-Chronicle exhibition online edition!

Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL

Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL

Japanese illustrator Kina Kazuharu is creating a unique illustration based on themes and ideas made by MAL members. Don't miss out on your opportunity to support this brilliant creator!

Anime Guessing Game “MALentine Mystery💌”

Anime Guessing Game “MALentine Mystery💌”

Get in the holiday spirit with this Valentine’s Day themed community event. Put your anime knowledge to the test and/or create a card for other players to guess. Game opens Feb 14!

Akiba Live Commerce

Akiba Live Commerce

The Akihabara district of Tokyo is considered the center of Japanese otaku and anime culture. Experience the excitement of shopping in Akiba without needing to pay for airfare!

Maid Gacha

Maid Gacha

A cute maid cosplayer is waiting to help improve your gacha luck! Sign up to purchase capsules and watch the machine turned live on-air just for you. The goodies you pull will then be shipped to you at a later date.

Live Streaming

The highlight of MAL Expo Lite 2022 will be a jam-packed series of livestreams! Check out the timetable down below.


[ PT / JST ]
3pm / 8am

4pm / 9am

5pm / 10am

6pm / 11am

7pm / 12pm

Feb 25, 2022 Starts 3pm (PT)
Feb 26, 2022 Starts 8am (JST)

3pm (PT) -
8am (JST) -

Akiba Live Commerce

4pm (PT) -
9am (JST) -

Maid Gacha

5pm (PT) -
10am (JST) -

MAL Anime Academy
Production I.G Talk

6:15pm (PT) -
11:15am (JST) -

MAL Anime Academy

7pm (PT) -
12pm (JST) -

MAL Yearbook 2021



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Event titleMAL Expo Lite 2022
Event datesFebruary 17-25, 2022
LocationMAL×Japan Webpage
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Special thanks to Sun, the moderators and of course all members of MyAnimeList.