Shopping Trip in Otaku Paradise: Akiba Live Commerce & Maid Gacha


Shopping Trip in Otaku Paradise: Akiba Live Commerce & Maid Gacha

Shopping Trip in Otaku Paradise: Akiba Live Commerce & Maid Gacha

Published: Feb 17, 2022

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to visit one of Japan’s most well-known anime outlet stores? Or wanted to try your luck at gacha capsule toys, but can’t because you weren’t able to master the art of teleportation yet?

MAL Expo Lite 2022 is here to help you out by inviting you to a little live shopping trip in Tokyo’s otaku paradise of Akihabara! Enjoy the trip from the comfort of your sofa!

1. Akiba Live CommerceFebruary 25 3pm (PT)
February 26 8am (JST)
2. Maid GachaFebruary 25 4pm (PT)
February 26 9am (JST)

Both events can be viewed for absolutely free via the YouTube stream below. The catch-up stream will be available until March 24 8pm (PT) / March 25 12pm (JST).

Akiba Live Commerce

Akiba Live Commerce

Akiba is the nickname of the Akihabara district of Tokyo, a paradise for manga and anime fans young and old. Join us as we visit the Akihabara branch of Surugaya, an outlet store known for its incredible range of anime and manga merchandise. Any products that might pique your interest during the stream will be made available for purchase on Otsukai as soon as possible, and your questions will be answered in real time! Don’t miss out on this unique otaku shopping experience.

Live Stream

Scheduled for about 1 hour, starting: February 25 3pm (PT) / February 26 8am (JST)

Sale Period

February 17 5pm - March 24 8pm (PT) /
February 18 10am - March 25 12pm (JST)

*While supplies last.

Items for Sale

About Surugaya


Surugaya is one of the leading online and physical retailers of otaku goods in Japan, selling a huge variety of used items, such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-Rays, manga, doujinshi, badges, figurines, plushies, trading cards, collectibles—you name it, they have it. With stores all over the country, Surugaya is well known for carrying rare and hard-to-find items, and as the vast majority of its goods are second-hand, they are often at a great price.


Maid Gacha

Maid Gacha

Enough about maid cafes, what about maid gacha? Three cute and charming maids are here to make your gachapon dreams come true.

Purchase a set of gacha either in advance or during the livestream for the chance for one of the maids to read out your name and turn the crank on the gacha machine just for you!

That’s not all, as there will also be some other items for you to check out, and the lovely trio will be checking out your comments during the stream. Don’t miss out on this unique, soothing experience!

Purchases will be shipped to you at a later date by Otsukai via DHL.


Sale Period:February 17 5pm - March 6 7am (PT)
February 18 10am - March 7 12am (JST)
Livestream:approximately 30 minutes, starting February 25 4pm (PT)
February 26 9am (JST)
Catch-up stream:available until March 24 8pm (PT)
March 25 12pm (JST)
Shipping:from March 22, 2022*
*Date subject to change.

How it works

Step 1

Purchase a set of gacha on Otsukai

Step 2

A maid will pull your gacha during the livestream

Step 3

Otsukai will ship your purchases at a later date

About the Maids

Anzu Amamiya

Anzu AmamiyaAnzu AmamiyaAnzu Amamiya

I’m Anzu Amamiya, a cosplayer who loves maid outfits!
I would be very happy if you’d check out my Twitter or Instagram account.

Twitter: @anzu_uw
Instagram: anzu_uw

Rei Tsukishima

Rei TsukishimaRei TsukishimaRei Tsukishima

Nice to meet you!
I’m Rei Tsukishima!
I mainly cosplay characters from Genshin Impact, Azur Lane, Love Live, and Project SEKAI!
I’ve been studying make-up to try and make myself look even a little cuter!

Twitter: @reiukina
Instagram: tukisimarei



I am a popular cosplayer with 100k Twitter followers!
I cosplay characters from games and anime.
On YouTube I play games while in cosplay.

Twitter: @miiitan_n
Instagram: miiitan_n


Please Note

  • Gacha purchases made by February 25 18:00 (PT) will get a shoutout by one of the maids during the livestream or in a video recorded at a later date by different cosplayers.
  • Due to time constraints, there is a possibility that not every purchase can be included in the livestream. Any purchases that did not make it into the livestream will be included in a video uploaded to MAL’s YouTube channel at a later date.
  • Only purchases made before the event ends (February 25 18:00 PT) will be pulled by the maids. Purchases made after this time will be shipped as usual, but will not be included in the livestream or other videos.
  • All gacha items are random by nature. No exchanges or returns are possible.
  • For purchases, the maids will read out your Otsukai username (not your MAL or YouTube username). Please set your Otsukai username to the name you would like to be read out before making a purchase.

New Items for Sale

As well as gacha, a number of exciting new goodies will also be available to purchase before and during the stream.

Please Note

  • Due to time constraints, purchases of Items for Sale may not be included in the livestream.