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Two plans available to suit your needs

Image sets of the final illustration will be available for purchase as a digital download during MAL Expo Lite 2022. Be sure to purchase the illustration to directly support Kina!

Sales close on February 25 at 10pm (PT)


Oshikatsu Coffee Plan


  • Illustration with a unique serial number - max width 798px, perfect for your MAL About Me
  • MAL Profile Picture version of the illustration - 225 x 350px

Illustration data to be sent to buyers from March 7 2022


Oshikatsu Personalized Plan

Limited to 50 people


  • Illustration with your name and signature - max width 798px, perfect for your MAL About Me
  • MAL Profile Picture version of the illustration - 225 x 350px
  • Image data output by layer - so you can see how it was created

Illustration data to be sent to buyers from March 22 2022

Read about the ideas Kina chose

What should the character look like?

Long, blonde hair with blue eyes petite girl from a Northern European country. She is dressed in traditional Kimono appropriate for the era.

What kind of place should the character be in?

Set in Tokyo at the height of the Taisho era.

What should the be character doing?

Standing in awe at the energetic, eclectic atmosphere, the girl admires the city after stepping outside from the iconic Tokyo Station.


Kina Profile

I never would have thought of the idea of "a Northern European girl in front of Tokyo Station at the height of the Taisho Era", so it's very fresh to me!

It became a great opportunity to look back upon history as I had to research what the station actually looked like at the time. Back in those days, traveling from Northern Europe to Japan would have been a very long and difficult journey, so I started to think a lot about what could have brought her to Tokyo. Perhaps there is a really important reason. Or maybe she just always dreamed about coming to Japan. That's why I wanted her delighted expression to scream "I've made it to Japan!"

She pulls off the kimono very well, and I made sure to use Japanese patterns of the time period as well as some aspects that show off her background. This acts a fusion of her pride of where she has come from as well as her longing for the place she is now.



Two plans are available: the Oshikatsu Personalized Plan costs $30 and the Oshikatsu Coffee Plan costs $5. (including system and PayPal fees)

The rights to the image belong to the creator, Kina Kazuharu.

  • The illustrations are for personal use only.
  • The only exception to this is that you are able to use the image you have purchased as your MAL Profile Picture and in your About Me on MyAnimeList. You can also use it as your icon on social media platforms.
  • You may not edit the illustration in any way, with the exception of trimming it for use as a social media icon.

Both plans come with two differently-sized versions of the illustration (one optimized for your About Me page and one optimized for your Profile Picture on MAL).

The Oshikatsu Personalized Plan is the only plan which comes autographed by Kina. He will sign the illustration that is optimized for your About Me and will even write your name! The name he will use will be whatever you have set as your display name on Otsukai at the time of purchase, so please be sure to set the correct name in advance.

The Oshikatsu Personalized Plan will also allow you to look at the illustration layer-by-layer, so you can gain a deeper insight as to how the image was created.

For more information on the two plans, please see Supporting the illustrator, Kina above.

The name used for the Oshikatsu Personalized Plan will be the same as your display name on Otsukai.

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The illustration will be available to purchase as a digital download only.

The illustrations will be sent as a PNG file type.

The illustrations for sale do not use NFTs. The serial numbers are the same as a serial number that would be available on physical items and do not use a blockchain of any kind.

You can purchase the illustration on Otsukai during the sales period between February 18 5pm - February 25 10pm (PT).

The payment methods available are PayPal and credit card only.

You will receive the illustration data you have purchased via an email from Otsukai.

Please understand that these emails will NOT be automated and will be processed one-by-one.

Otsukai will begin to send the illustration data from March 7, 2022.

Illustrations belonging to the Oshikatsu Personalized Plan may take some time to process, so your patience will be very much appreciated.

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