Modern List Design Contest Showcase


Modern List Design Contest Showcase

Modern List Design Contest Showcase

Published: Sep 12, 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

New Layout

  • Modern Images
    created by RobbiRobb
    A fresh take on the modern design. Making use of high-quality imagery, this take on the modern design brings the main picture into the center of attention. The score and episode count are easily accessible at all times, allowing for quick modification. It also leaves the user freedom which images they choose as header or background.
  • Dungeons & Dragons
    created by Half_Bl00d
    Layout based on the Monster Manual and Character Sheet for Dungeons & Dragons 5e. Grid-type list with large images, that can fit all data (columns) and adapts based on which columns are turned on. The grid itself as well as the other elements adapt based on the screen resolution, so it's usable both on smaller and larger screens. Adapted for manga list as well.
  • Night Shift
    created by Cateinya
  • Blackout
    created by Valerio_Lyndon
    A dark and futuristic take on the regular anime list, with a completely redesigned page layout. The list itself is highly dynamic and should adjust to any configuration. This theme works great with vertical cover images, perfect for displaying posters or characters!

New Theme

  • MaterialMAL
    created by StressedNeko
    If you realize, I haven't used any Header Image or Background Image because I don't like clutter. The inspiration comes from Google with "Material Design", which seeks to reduce all clutter and do something completely minimalist/aesthetic for my eyes.
  • Cherry Blossom
    created by sriraqa
    A pastel design that uses colors inspired by Japan's cherry blossom trees.
  • Shinpuru
    created by szyven
  • Count Dracula Theme
    created by re4nightwing
    Count Dracula is a theme for users who lurk in the dark. (like me) Why? It'll save your eyes from too much light at 3 am and looks fantastic. The Color palette inspired but the open-source Dracula theme for text editors. I hope you guys like it.
  • Purple-eyed kitten
    created by Shishio-kun
  • Autumn Drinks
    created by Shishio-kun
  • Dark Reading
    created by Shishio-kun
  • Dark Blue Revised
    created by RhymePlays
  • Modern theme - Dark Mode
    created by Gintoki-AMVs
    A modern redesign of the current theme using current design principles. The design includes both a dark and light mode. Also, the prompts which can come up inside the list are redesigned (if the admin applies the stylesheet to the pages inside those iframes). I hope you like it!
  • Nature Walk
    created by Kittac
    Take a trip into the forest with this nature themed design.
  • Dreamy Sky
    created by Luply
  • minimal-jap
    created by yamasaki-kun
    minimal theme with an aesthetically pleasing color palette
  • Japanese Ramem Restaurant under the tree
    created by Rawby
  • Waves time
    created by Aru_ackerman_uh
  • periperi-winkle
    created by krmnnn
    Simple, minimalist and light color design depicting periwinkle tones, a color that goes with every season but that also is related to the color of the year 2022 (although it's not the same exact one).
  • Empire Trim
    created by Cv412
    Something purple-ish, because purple is easier on my eyes
  • pink candy
    created by AlienkyonOWO
  • Summer Fall
    created by RowLLi
    Ox-eye daisy on a yellow background
  • Stormy Night
    created by xXFlaneXxPro
    It is often accompanied by thunder and lightning. On a stormy night, the sky is overcast with clouds. Rains poured in torrents. The wind blows violently from all directions.
  • Fire
    created by Velidox
  • Soothe World
    created by ASaltyIce
    Please message me any questions or ideas, have some experience with Digital Art, would love to make more pages like this for MAL to look more professional! Sort of hard to pick colors without being able to visually see the page.
  • Cloudy Blues
    created by YesIamXD
    I tried to make a combination between the background colours and the actual text and filling of the main department. I tried to also not have a shade of white through on places where white fit, whereas I chose slighty different shades of white who adds a little bit of disparity. The steel blue seems to work amazing with this colour!
  • Bamboo Grove
    created by MoreThanLuck
    A nice refreshing theme.
  • Confetti
    created by mayaxiii
  • Raw Metal Theme
    created by re4nightwing
    Color palette inspired by Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
  • Tiny Roosters
    created by senchuart
  • Blood Kaijin
    created by SanGosh