Fist of the North Star Manga Fragments Dying Like a Man series

Fist of the North Star Manga Fragments Dying Like a Man series

Nanto Rokusei Ken

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Dying Like a Man Series

“I have too many memories...
Of my fallen rivals—no, friends—from the battlefield”

The final breath of a rival and friend after a fierce battle marks the climax of epic turmoil weaved by the most hot-blooded of men among men.

Iconic scenes of six characters from Fist of the North Star have been made into a new type of collectibles called Manga Fragments.

Manga brings us tears and laughter, teaches us lessons, and fills us with courage. Manga Fragments will be the sparks to revisit that world. Remember those feelings and share them with your friends.

Manga Fragments aim to take the unique advantage of the digital world and use it to create a new expression for individual manga panels. By capturing the most important story moments into Manga Fragments, the joy of manga can be kept as a memento and spread to fans across the globe.

Product Details

With the original opening movie by JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Stardust Crusaders' character designer, Masahiko Komino, Fist of the North Star Manga Fragments are one-of-a-kind short movies which capture iconic scenes from the manga.

In the first phase of the Fist of the North Star series, meaningful moments of the six popular Nanto Rokusei Ken characters have been created into 38 unique Manga Fragments. Only 77 copies of each fragment are available, and these will be sold in randomized packs of seven fragments each.

Fist of the North Star Manga Fragments:

・7 x Nanto Koshu Ken - Shin, Man of Junsei
・7 x Nanto Suicho Ken - Rei, Man of Gisei Rei
・7 x Nanto Kokaku Ken - Juda, Man of Yosei
・7 x Nanto Hakuro Ken - Shew, Man of Jinsei
・7 x Nanto Ho-o Ken - Thouzer, Man of Shosei
・3 x Nanto Last General - Yuria, Tou
38 total unique types
418 packs available
38 unique Manga Fragments with 77 available copies of each
Each copy will possess a unique serial number (not visible on the item)

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Character Introductions

Nanto Koshu KenShin, Man of Junsei

“Power is justice”

Shin has feelings for Kenshiro’s fiance Yuria, and kidnaps her after the nuclear war breaks out. He is responsible for leaving Kenshiro with his iconic seven scars in the shape of the Big Dipper. He later leads the KING Army based in the city of Thouzern Cross, and takes on the King of Fist Army. As Raoh comes to take Yuria for himself, Shin entrusts her to Rihaku. He once again faces Kenshiro and loses, but chooses to take his own life by jumping from a high balcony, never telling Kenshiro of Yuria’s whereabouts. He dies with his love for Yuria still in his heart.

Nanto Suicho KenRei, Man of Gisei

“What color do you bastards bleed!”

Rei meets Kenshiro as he is searching for his missing younger sister Airi. Rei fights Raoh when the King of Fist Army invades the village of his beloved Mamiya’s village, and the battle leaves him with just 3 days to live. Determined to use what little is left of his life to protect his Mamiya, Rei tracks down Juda. After defeating Juda, Kenshiro watches over him as his life comes to an excruciating end. Rei devoted every fibre of his being to his loved ones and lived for their happiness until the very end

Nanto Kokaku KenJuda, Man of Yosei

“The most beautiful”

Juda’s pride suffered due to an intense jealousy of the beauty of Rei’s techniques when they were both in training. After the nuclear war, Juda takes 23 of the 108 Nanto techniques and thus started his collusion with the King of Fist Army. He slaughters Mamiya’s parents and abducts her. When Raoh and Kenshiro face off, Juda attacks Mamiya’s village to settle the score with Rei. He fights Rei one-on-one, but receives a fatal injury due to being mesmerized by Rei’s techniques. He takes his final breath in Rei’s arms. Having been swayed by Rei’s Star of Justice more than anyone, Juda leaves this Earth as both and enemy and a friend in a truly beautiful way.

Nanto Hakuro KenShew, Man of Jinsei

“Surely this will do”

Shew defeated Kenshiro as the final opponent in the Nanto Junin Kumite (South Dipper Ten Man Tournament), which is a tournament in which the challenger is punished by death if they lose. Rather than see Kenshiro be executed, Shin gouges out his own eyes as a sacrifice to save Kenshiro’s life. After the nuclear war, he leads a resistance movement against Thouzer and the Holy Emperor. When Kenshiro is defeated by Thouzer, he attempts to challenge Thouzer but is defeated while protecting hostages. His life ends at the summit of the Holy Cross Pyramid after receiving a volley of arrows and spears, thus entrusting the future to Kenshiro.

Nanto Ho-o KenThouzer, Man of Shosei

“No retreat! No mercy! No hesitation!”

Raised by the Ho-o Ken successor Ogai, Thouzer battled Ogai in order to become the new successor. After the nuclear war, Thouzer leads the Holy Emperor Army and fights for supremacy against the King of Fist Army. When Raoh and Kenshiro’s battle ends in a draw, Thouzer expands his power despite the resistance of Shew’s Anti-Emperor forces. Thouzer defeats Kenshiro once, but when they later clash again, Kenshiro discovers that Thouzer’s organs and pressure points are actually reversed and this leads to Kenshiro defeating Thouzer once and for all. Despite claiming to have discarded all love, Thouzer's love ran deep until the very end.

Nanto Last General

The Last General of the Nanto Rokusei Ken. A mysterious figure fully-clad in armor. What is their true identity…?

Cover of manga Fist of the North Star

Fist of the North Star (Hokuto no Ken) is a manga series written by Buronson and illustrated by Tetsuo Hara. It ran from 1983 to 1988 in Weekly Shonen Jump.

The story takes place in the aftermath of a global war, which sees the loss of civilization and a new era ruled by violence. We follow the growth of Hokuto Shinken successor Kenshiro, and the love and sorry he experiences on the path to being a savior. Fist of the North star reaches its 40th anniversary in 2023, and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

This manga became a social phenomenon, giving us quotes such as the incredibly famous “You’re already dead”, and has sold over 100 million volumes worldwide.

The Nanto Rokusei Ken (Six Holy Fists of the Thouzern Star) are the 6 martial art styles that stand at the top of the 108 Nanto Seiken (Holy Fists of the Thouzern Star). It also refers to the six successors of these six styles. It is said that in ancient times the six successors of the time each guarded one of the six gates of the Emperor’s palace.

Although these six styles are said to be the strongest of the 108, it is not quite clear how they were established. It is theorised that they were simply chosen as the best 6 of the 108 styles, but it is also theorised that the 108 styles are branches of these 6 styles.


Manga Fragments aim to take the unique advantages of the digital world and use them to create a new expression for individual manga panels.

Provided by Media Do's new FanTop platform, Manga Fragments are NFTs (non-fungible tokens) created using a Proof of Stake (PoS) style blockchain mechanism, which is more environmentally friendly than the highly-criticized Proof of Work (PoW) mechanism.

Conventional digital data suffers from the disadvantage of being easy to copy or tamper with, making it difficult to retain its unique value. NFTs record specific information about digital items such as who created and purchased it, guaranteeing authenticity and ownership.

This means Manga Fragments can be said to be as unique as real-life works of art. By capturing the most important story moments into Manga Fragments, the joy of manga can be kept as a memento and spread to fans across the globe.

FanTop is a service operated in Japan which only supports payments in Japanese Yen (JPY).

Credit cards from outside Japan may be used if they are of compatible brands.

"User-to-user trading" using Japanese Yen is expected to be implemented around December 2021.

This will allow users to buy and sell items among themselves.
Please look forward to this release.

Nanto Rokusei Ken

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