Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL 2 is here!


Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL 2 is here!

Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL 2 is here!

Published: Jul 11, 2022

Updated: Aug 18, 2022


Part two of Kina Kazuharu draws for MAL is go!

Like before, Kina will be collecting ideas from everyone for his next illustration, but this time will have a little spin on it — Kina will draw a few different rough sketches based on various ideas, and then everyone will vote on which illustration they want to see completed!

The final illustration will be made into a beautiful new About Me template design that everyone can use on their profiles.

Let’s help Kina make the best illustration ever!

How to take part

The event will be held via Kina’s MAL club. Idea submissions for the illustration and subsequent voting will all be carried out in the club, and you might even have a chance to chat with Kina!

For more details and event schedule, visit the club.

Join Kina’s Club

Illustration ideas and concepts

Using the girl drawn from the previous round as the starting point, let’s expand her world and broaden her horizons.

Let Kina know what sort of settings you’d like to add to the mix or what kind of scenes you’d like to see him draw.

For example:

  • Themes utilizing the time period setting

    • Life in the Taisho Era
    • Her descendents in the present day
    • Time-leap to present day Akihabara
  • Different scenes with the same character

    • The girl before she came to Japan
    • The first thing that happens to her after her arrival
  • New characters related to the girl

    • A girl she meets in her new home
    • Her first friend in Japan
    • Her lover
    • A spy, assassin or pirate

Current setting

  • Long, blonde hair with blue eyes petite girl from a Northern European country.
  • Set in Tokyo at the height of the Taisho era.
  • Just arrived in Japan


The schedule has been slightly revised.
We apologize for the changes and hope you're looking forward to the rough sketches!
Voting will take place in August 2022.

Idea submission period:July 22 ~ July 28
Rough sketch voting period:August 12 ~ August 18
Final illustration & About Me release:To be announced


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Kina Kazuharu (和遥キナ)

A freelance illustrator residing in Tokyo.

His illustrations are known for their detail and beautiful sense of transparency. He has provided illustrations for many works such as designs for adventure games as well as light novel illustrations.

His gentle illustrations often depict the youthfulness of teenage girls, with a unique Japanese air to them as they go about their school days and other activities that are typical of adolescence.

Contact Information

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