• This year was one of the best sad that it's ending.looking forward to see more seasonals and updating my list


  • Nah, it's fine. I don't know what I'd put say


  • "Woof" -Denji


  • Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!! Tatakae!!!


  • NUMBER 1 is back baby BLEACH!!


  • Bocchi the Rock! The best anime.


  • Best fighting scene in Demon slayer


  • Last year was a great year with many amazing anime. May this year be just as great if not better


  • If you worried too much, you’d likely miss out on something important and suffer for it." -Kiyotaka Ayanokoji


  • Damn There's So Much Anime For Me To Discover.


  • Tetaplah nonton anime dikala tugas melanda...


  • All anime is amazing no matter how old


  • I like BBQ


  • I am Atomic...


  • WAKE UP!


  • Choosing just one out of five should be a crime


  • 2022 was the year that MAL-Badges died and was reborn, like a phoenix rising out of the ashes. Join us as the system gets entirely overhauled.


  • Issei walked so that Denji could run - Cookie Monster XOXO


  • Lots of seasonals that didn't even like Also I have nearly 200 shows in my PTW


  • It's real love


  • Looking forward to new season and adaptation Thank you 💗


  • The year 2022 was filled with amazing newly aired series and very anticipating sequels to previous hit anime, so as an anime fan it was a wonderful year for me.


  • If you want to make people's dream come true you have to start believing in that dream yourself


  • Hope to see grt animes tht blows everyone mind......happy new year


  • there área a greatfull year for the anime.


  • Next time add in more anime votes/selections.


  • Time really fly faster than i anticipate...and 2022 may not be my best year,but 2022 has lots of anime i like throughout the season of 2022.Thank you to all the jap studios for all your amazing work,and lastly to all mal community's i hope you will have day for 2023.


  • Yargh


  • Dont forget the Japanese Goblin ~




  • *puts a Jojo reference here*


  • Marin and Kei Karuizawa


  • boi


  • Akari or Marin was the hardest decision of my life 🤧


  • all those actions were cool but cgdct was the one to rule


  • Am I a bad anime fan? I couldn't recognize half of those lol


  • delicious egao!


  • Anime is love, anime is life


  • I fail to imagine that there would be anyone as charming as you. You are my only weakness, Anime. - Baldur Riefenstahl


  • Might not be the best year but all the series are lit.


  • “You ain’t” (epic front flip)


  • Idk What To Say But, I Won't Win


  • Didn't see no "cringe" category


  • Thanks for helping me find more great anime and also helping me see what voice actors did what characters.


  • Booba


  • \(^▽^)/


  • One of the best year for anime it will be tough for 2023 to live up to that hype




  • I'm glad I have no life; I discovered bunch of great anime this year (2022)!


  • clafel e _tavinhow_ que fizeram


  • This was a banggin' year! Hope the next one's the same. Arigatou Minna-san for the awesome year💖


  • 2022 was great but 2023 promises to be interesting. I'm a bit sad that we can't wait for the next seasons of our favorite anime. In 2022, you couldn't complain too much about being boring anime, we've seen a lot of great anime. I wish you a great year and perfect anime. Bye!!!!!!


  • slay


  • Anime cures depression


  • it takes a real man to become best girl




  • 2022 has been a fantastic year for anime fans, many of whom are sequels and also recently received anime adaptations. Don't forget the OP and ED songs that make your day more colorful.


  • Ahhh idk what to write much but i would say "All this Year's, I LOVED ALL OF THE WORLD THAT DIDN'T HAVE HER. FOR HER."


  • I was really surprised by the whole year 2022!! Hoping the best for 2023


  • Ummm.......


  • Kickback (Chainsawman op) will forever be in my heart as the best opening for 2022 :’)


  • Hoping everyone is having a nice day!


  • Merha☆☆☆!


  • Next year, I hope for even more animadness!


  • find someone who watches anime


  • If a cab driver is called a cabby, what is a bus driver called?


  • bocchi is peak


  • had some good ones


  • LeYabadabadooOldNavy


  • Nothings topping 2022 of anime (except 2023)


  • What a year!! 2022 ROCK!!!


  • Truly one heck of a year this has been




  • Always grateful for awesome new animes ❤️😍😊


  • só anime ruim


  • Set your heart ablaze


  • It has been a great year for anime. I hope 2023 can deliver the same amount, it not even more, quality


  • 2022 was a quite stacked year. A lot of new anime and sequels were released that I watched. Overall, I give this year a 9/10


  • Bocchi The Rock was a big surprise of the year


  • I feel like Marie Antoinette, well, you know, I lost my head-


  • It was only logical that chainsaw man couldn't beat Bocchi coz she literally rocks. Also, CHAN CHAN A CHIKI CHIKI BAM BAM


  • Looking forward to another great year of anime!


  • The boogey man


  • Cannot believe my dream of the bleach anime coming back came true!


  • crazy+insane


  • amazing


  • big bootylicious brunette - jose eascoot


  • People think Anime is for kids but Anime can make someone who is feeling sad laugh, make a person who is feeling down feel happy. It can do many things that a cartoon can't do.


  • Still waiting for no game no life season 2


  • “What is this cocaine-like thing called anime”




  • People vote when it's voting time


  • 2022 was a hell of a year for anime, plenty of fan favorite manga's got there long awaited adaptations and new anime made me get into new genres I have not explored before. 2023 is looking like another banger of a year and I can't wait to see what else is in store for us!


  • A great year for anyone to start watching anime !


  • 2022 was a year full of surprises in anime, it's very strange things too.


  • It's very easy to choose Ao Ashi in the take lesson session.


  • Barf


  • The one piece is REAL !


  • Hi GUYS ! C.HAYES HERE, Courting the 3rd Haven. Today we will be ranking anime reviews.


  • You can do what you want but you can’t change this messed up world if you’re dead