The results are in! NBCUniversal Anime General Election


The results are in! NBCUniversal Anime General Election

The results are in! NBCUniversal Anime General Election

Published: May 16, 2022

Updated: May 16, 2022


We are pleased to announce the results for the NBCUniversal 30th Anniversary Anime General Election, celebrating their glorious 30th anniversary!

Thank you so much to everyone who voted and for all your lovely comments.

NBCUniversal’s Top 10 Anime: Global Ranking

*Titles separated by season during the voting period have been combined for the results.
 E.g.: Starmyu 2nd season → Starmyu
    Owari no Seraph: Nagoya Kessen-hen → Owari no Seraph


「Black Lagoon」
Black Lagoon is one of the best action anime series i seen. Would be very happy with soundtrack made by EDISON to be on digital streaming platforms (Spotify, Apple Music). Please, NBCUniversal make it happen!
「Shakugan no Shana: Season I」
「A Lull in the Sea」
So I really love the nautical motifs in both the general art style and the soundtrack, even the land looks aquatic like. The love dodecahedron is kind of a mess, but so is puberty so it doesn’t bother me. I’m a big fan of anime with fantasy elements that are prominent enough to make the world stand out, but not enough to where it’s just another high fantasy world. Anime like Made In Abyss for example! But NagiAsu has some great characters, great story(ESPECIALLY WITH THE TWO HALVES OF THE SHOW, it’s great), astonishing visuals and music(like some of the best), voice performances that range from solid to amazing. And yadda yadda it’s 9:30 am and I didn’t sleep writing this, take my $1.
「A Certain Magical Index II」
Thanks to discovering Toaru Majutsu no Index back in 2008, I have now followed it for 14 years! It remains my favorite series! I hope for a new season of Index!!
「Serial Experiments Lain」
「Haibane Renmei」
Some really great shows I've enjoyed from this group! It's been really nostalgic looking over them all and thinking, "Yeah, I remember that!". And remembering where I was at in my life when I watched a given show. Who my friends were, how old I was; it's cool to see an anime title and have that level of connection to your life. Haibane Renmei holds a special place in my heart as I still think it is not only one of the most unique anime I've ever seen (not only in terms of art, character, and subject matter), but it got me spending hours thinking about the topic of forgiveness. You know you've got a good show when one can remember it clearly and fondly over a decade later.
「Black Lagoon」
Congratulations on 30 years of bringing the world entertainment!
「A Certain Magical Index」
Imagine Breaker!
「Black Lagoon」
I love all of your works but Black Lagoon is special to me. This series is the one which made me to love anime. Thank you all of your hard work and giving us so much entertainment! Happy 30th Anniversary!
~ Uh ~ Uh ~ Yeah ~ ~ Uh ~ Uh ~ Yeah ~ ~ Uh ~ Uh ~ Yeah ~ ~ Let me be with you ~ Happy 30th Anniversary <3
「When They Cry」
This one is truly a classic! Its wildly different arcs keeps the series engaging and makes it hard to feel one way about any of the characters. Everyone, at different times, can be the hero or the villain.
「Black Lagoon」
「Serial Experiments Lain」
Serial Experiments Lain is my all time favourite show! Thank you for making it happen!
「Akudama Drive」
This Original Series truly was an amazing watch. I hope to see more Anime like this in the future. The animation was lit.
「Ai Yori Aoshi」
Congratulation on your 30th anniversary!
The BEST!! Thank you for all work!
「Fate/stay night」
「Golden Kamuy 3rd Season」
I became interested in Ainu culture. Love golden trio.
「Kamen no Maid Guy」
っっk 心配するな、ご主人。- コガラシ
「Black Lagoon」
Thank you for all the hard work and memories. I wish everyone at the studio great days and years to come. 30 years is a great journey. It may have been rough or exciting but you all deserve the best.
「Fate/stay night」
I love Fate, hope we get a saber wars anime
「Golden Kamuy 3rd Season」
Can&#039;t wait for season 4. Thank you!!
A story that will never end. But it is the beginning of my animated story. Thank you.
「Serial Experiments Lain」
There&#039;s a few that truly stand out, like Berserk, Ergo Proxy, Haibane Renmei, Hellsing for historic and truly sensational but I must vote for Serial Experiments Lain. Experimental and groundbreaking, a classic to this day.
School-Live! ( がっこうぐらし! ) was such a pleasure to watch.The characters and colors were so cute! I also appreciated how the theme song subtly changed as the story progressed. I ended up reading the manga afterward and enjoying that, too. Thanks for sharing great shows.
「When They Cry: Kai」
One of the best anime out there and one of my favorites, congrats for your 30th Anniversary!
I loved Bakuman! Its atmosphere is outstanding, and I felt that the whole time, I am one of them! I was rooting for them so bad, I could watch this show forever. It was also inspiring me, during this semester, to do not give up.
「Starmyu 2nd Season」
Starmyu is a Masterpiece, is perfect in everything, charachters, music, voices ecc.. Is the only anime that make me smile even in the sad moments and is the only reason that i am still alive, so thanks to all for everything😭💜💜💜💜💜💜
「Grand Blue Dreaming」
There&#039;s plenty of very good Anime among the adapted ones of the Studio, but I think Grand Blue Dreaming deserves a little more love and attention :) But thank you for giving my childhood, teenhood and now adulthood such beautiful and fun Anime to watch <3
「Serial Experiments Lain」
Serial Experiments Lain is one of the best pieces of speculative fiction ever written, accurately predicting the impact that the internet would have upon society as a whole. Masterpiece.
「Golden Kamuy」
I love this series! It does a great job of entertaining viewers with a blend of action, adventure, and comedy set against a realistic historical backdrop. Sugimoto and Asirpa are wonderfully written characters that make the audience want to root for them. Even the side characters get their chance to shine (especially in later seasons) with fully fleshed out backstories. The amount of research that must have been dedicated to including elements of Ainu culture is impressive. Learning about the Ainu was one of my favorite parts of the show. I found their culture to be so fascinating I watched a documentary about modern Ainu living in Japan.

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Everybody's wonderful comments have been sent to NBCUniversal. Thank you so much for all your warm words and messages!

Delivery of flowers to NBCUniversal

A beautiful bouquet of flowers has been handed over to Tatsuya Ota from NBCUniversal, who is leading the 30th anniversary project!

Ota had the following to say about the Anime General Election:

"Thank you so much for all of your votes and congratulations!
This year we reached our 30th anniversary thanks to everyone's continued love and support.
Thank you for taking part in our anime election.
We received almost 10,000 votes from fans overseas and in Japan.
We're so happy to be able to connect directly with fans outside of Japan in this way, and we'd love to continue doing more fun projects with you all, and of course make lots more amazing anime for everyone!
We hope you continue to enjoy NBCUniversal's future anime and music projects!"

Notice of Second General Election

It has been confirmed that a second NBCUniversal Anime General Election will be held! The theme for the election will be “Top 11 Anime Character General Election”, so please look forward to it!

What is NBCUniversal?

NBCUniversal Entertainment Japan is a multimedia entertainment company, developing and producing a variety of outstanding anime, films, drama and music. As well as distributing content from overseas in Japan, what makes NBCUniversal different from competing studios such as Hollywood is its focus on material from Japan and Asia. Alongside producing and distributing Japanese anime, Asian/Korean drama and Japanese films domestically, NBCUniversal is also a record label, handling distribution for a number of Japanese musicians and providing music for various anime and video games.

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What is the NBCUniversal 30th Anniversary project?

Beginning in 1992 with the Tenchi Muyo! OVA, 2022 marks NBCUniversal Entertainment’s 30th year in business and counting.

The last 30 years has seen a huge expansion of the anime market on a global scale, which means that there is now intense rivalry not only between production companies but also between streaming platforms and other anime-related businesses. While taking a look back on these last 30 years, a special 30th anniversary project is being launched as a starting point for the years to come.

NBCUniversal 30th Anniversary project logo

The concept for NBCUniversal’s Anime×Music 30th Anniversary project is “multiply” (×).
NBCUniversal aims to combine anime, music and people together to create something above and beyond.

Just like the × in ANIME×MUSIC, by crossing two ideas together, this project will bring forth something new to enjoy and set the stage even higher for the future.

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