About Me Template Design Showcase


About Me Template Design Showcase

About Me Template Design Showcase

Published: Sep 12, 2022

Updated: Sep 12, 2022

New Layout

  • Dusk Pearl
    created by akibourei
    🌸 A modern, bright, pearl-colored theme with some simple but fancy-looking animations! ✨
  • Fiery Summer Night
    created by RobbiRobb
    A more space efficient design of the current about me pages. The fiery colors and the warm background designed to look like a blanket make the perfect formula for a summery self-introduction. The responsive design allows a perfect viewing experience across all screen resolutions.
  • Sublime Amethyst
    created by Varyemez
    The pink color symbolizes nobility so I picked it as the main color. In the background pattern, I selected words that mean a particular thing (for example, 魅 means "mysterious power")

New Theme

  • Swerving blue
    created by berreJona
    The idea was to have something that was not a solid color but also not to attention grabbing.
  • Nightlife (Late Night)
    created by Shishio-kun
  • Nightlife (Midnight)
    created by Shishio-kun
  • Neon Skyline
    created by AlaskanMalamute
    Tries to capture that neon glow of a cyberpunk city
  • looking at the stars
    created by wxhtzdy
    A dark, night theme that encompasses the starry sky and complimentary, rich grays. The perfect theme for anyone who loves to watch anime during the dead of night.
  • A Fall Day
    created by zenviolet
    A Fall inspired About Me page look!
  • Blue Bamboo
    created by zenviolet
    A Monochromatic Blue Bamboo Pattern
  • Uta Note
    created by Qamrul29
    everyone love music, every sound from instrument can make you happy or sad. so that why I'm choosing music theme.
  • Milky Way
    created by ASIF_AZIZ
  • Silk river
    created by Riversilk
    Silk-like aquatic theme
  • Sakura
    created by c4k3ss
  • 2% milk carton
    created by Hummus2
    A modern design that makes use of varying shades of blue to create a refined, but still fun, look.
  • Japan's street
    created by Aru_ackerman_uh
    My design is sweet and cosy, and make a vision of japan to me
  • String Theory
    created by DimitrovN
  • Stormy Night
    created by xXFlaneXxPro
    It is often accompanied by thunder and lightning. On a stormy night, the sky is overcast with clouds. Rains poured in torrents. The wind blows violently from all directions. But you are still happy.
  • Iced Theme
    created by AnnMochii
  • Clouds of Cosmoc
    created by RudyMajster
    Where no one has been before.
  • Summer Fruits
    created by datadog
    It's a fruity mess.
  • pink candy
    created by AlienkyonOWO
    only pink
  • e.g. Gradient
    created by CeeHaa
    Just simple gradient
  • Abstract Autumn
    created by Shub_15
  • Shrine of Sunset
    created by pae-chan
    The harmony of sunset and Japanese culture
  • Sunset
    created by PeterPoste12
  • Nature fresh
    created by Maffy
    I wanted something fresh and plants always give me that feeling, because they are both calm and fresh and not tiring to the eye.
  • Spring Evening
    created by FernirMare
    Amalgamation of thoughts and colours
  • Asian Ornaments
    created by teixeirahs
    For those who are looking for more asian impact in your profile and show the love for this culture the Asian Ornaments are perfect for that!
  • Dreamy Sky
    created by mayaxiii
    Loose yourself in these dreamy sky.
  • Greenery
    created by tank_account
    For when your About Me needs a bit more nature.
  • Dex-lite Theme
    created by re4nightwing
    Combination of Orange and Darkness
  • Calm Winter
    created by snowpumpkin
  • Confetti
    created by senchuart