The BLUE HUNTER Art Contest returns with round 2!


The BLUE HUNTER Art Contest returns with round 2!

The BLUE HUNTER Art Contest returns with round 2!

Published: Sep 9, 2022

Updated: Sep 27, 2022


“ Imagining and forging a better future for the ocean, together ”

BLUE HUNTER is an epic sci-fi web manga set in the 2050s based on the future of our oceans. Fans are once again invited to submit their original ideas and visions to round two of the BLUE HUNTER global art contest.

The panel of judges for this round will include real marine experts, who will judge submissions for their originality and feasibility, as well as the actual impact they might have on the ocean if made a reality.

Submission Themes

The BLUE HUNTER Art Contest is looking for entries that express original ideas, designs, and settings that will drive the future technology of the ocean.

Use your imagination to create a piece of BLUE HUNTER art (illustration, 3DCG) that fits one the five themes below. Your free thinking will create the future of the ocean!

  1. Hunter Item Category
    Introduce items and equipment that Blue Hunters can use in their missions and more.

  2. Future Vessels and Transport Category
    Invent transport and other vehicles to be used in the world of BLUE HUNTER.

  3. Undiscovered Marine Life Category
    Invent as-of-yet undiscovered marine life that could appear in the world of BLUE HUNTER.

  4. Future Landscape / Architecture Category
    Bring us new visions and landscapes that push the world of BLUE HUNTER forward, such as urban landscapes affected by global warming and rising sea levels, or even buildings and infrastructure in a world where global warming has been solved.

  5. Blue Hunter (Original Character) Category
    Design a new ‘Blue Hunter’ character that can “Lead the future of the oceans” in the world of BLUE HUNTER.


BH Grand Prize200,000 JPY
Judges’ Special Prize100,000 JPY
3DCG Prize NEW100,000 JPY
Hunter Item Category Prize50,000 JPY
Future Water Vessels and Transport Category Prize50,000 JPY
Undiscovered Marine Life Category Prize50,000 JPY
Future Landscape / Architecture Category Prize50,000 JPY
Blue Hunter (Original Character) Category Prize50,000 JPY

Total amount 650,000 JPY

Schedule (PT)

PreliminariesAugust 22 - October 30, 2022
Results of Preliminary SelectionNovember 23, 2022
Final SelectionNovember 23 - December 17, 2022
Public Examination Committee / Award CeremonyDecember 17, 2022
Announcement of Winning WorksDecember 17, 2022

※ Date of announcements subject to change. Please check the official website for up-to-date information.

How to Apply

Create a piece of art based on one of the specified themes!

Read about the contest and the BLUE HUNTER project in more detail on the official website:

Submission deadline: October 30, 2022 6pm (PT)

Check out last year’s contest and winners here !


Please contact the BLUE HUNTER Art Contest team with any questions or other inquiries via the email address below.

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